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A nice moment.

384th The Other Tour Istanbul

We had a great time this Monday. 2 couples + 1 Canadian + Istanbul + The Other Tour = Fantastic Time

Clouds over Istanbul

Today’s art is presented by nature as always…









The Other TripAdvisor Images

Here are some more images from the wonderful past of The Other Tour.

Such an inspiring Aussie

Gotye is a Belgian-Australian multi-instrumental musician and singer-songwriter. Best known for his famous “Somebody that I used to know”, his sampling skills and methods are also quite impressive.


Time for some true awe and inspiration! Special thanks to Fabio di Donato for his amazing vision and skill.


One of our past participants Afonso Salcedo, the founder of Sutro Studios have been producing such a meaningful project. We though we must share…

Meet some of the small team from Rise2Shine that travelled to Haiti this past October, to open a new preschool to enroll, support, and save some of the poorest of children in Haiti.

For more information on the preschool and Rise2Shine, and for donating, please visit:

For more information about this project, please click here.

The Other Bosphorus

Here are some awesome pictures of how Bosphorus looks even in Winter!


Prof. Dr. Marco Bohnhoff, working at German Research Centre for Geosciences, recently stated that the risk for Istanbul’s expected earthquake is even more dangerous than thought. In the light of the most recent data gathered, next big quake will be no less than 7 on The Richter Scale.

It is also stated by Dogan Kalafat, the head of Bosphorus Observatory, that the risk of the earthquake happening in the next 7 years is about %50. And it is higher than %90 that it would happen until 2070. So it is definitely happening!

So how prepared is this metropolitan city?

Not much at all!

Mr. Kalafat also mentions that when the earth starts shaking, it’s expected to have at least 5000 buildings collapsing within seconds. Add tens of thousands of other buildings either partly or fully damaged. Considering that there are about 1 million buildings in this city, these numbers might even be a bit optimistic.

“In a major earthquake we would expect 40-50% to receive some sort of damage; 3-4% would be very badly damaged, with perhaps 5,000 experiencing pancake collapses.”

Scientist are not in exact agreement on how many will die but almost all studies estimate that the losses will be quite harsh. We lost more than 17000 lives in 1999 earthquake which happened in a rural area. It’s been more than 14 years since then and Turkey was supposed to be way more prepared than it currently is.

“There are areas of Istanbul judged to be more vulnerable than others: Zeytinburnu, for example, a fast-growing suburb to the west of the city, built on soft soil near the Marmara Sea.

Seyda Sever works for a disaster awareness campaign group, and spends a lot of time in Zeytinburnu, trying to help its inhabitants prepare themselves for a quake.”