The title of this article might seem arrogant and even slightly insulting to Turkish music and to the amazingly rich culture that it reflects. We realize it sounds like we are over-simplifying things, but that’s not what this is for. The purpose of this list is to introduce you to SOME of the best Turkish songs that you can listen to as a nice little entrance/welcome/peek into this incredibly rich music culture…

Here is our Top 5 Best Turkish Songs List in no particular order.



Teoman, born in 1967, is a very famous Turkish rock singer. His music is mostly classified as “pop-rock” or “soft rock”. He was born and raised in Istanbul and he is an Istanbul lover himself! His voice can’t be described as one of the best, but he certainly made songs that won’t be forgotten by Turkish people any time soon…

Renkli Ruyalar Hoteli (Sweet Dreams Hotel) is a song from his seventh studio album titled the same as the album that was released in 2005. It is very solid song – you won’t regret listening to it.


“Rose Lace on My Basket” (I know it doesn’t make any sense!) :)

Born in 1948, Selda Bagcan was always a controversial female Turkish singer and guitarist known by her strong leftist political views as much as by her amazing voice and beautiful songs. She is 64 years old now and she is still performing, but mostly overseas (in Europe) due to lack of interest in her work by Turkish people in Turkey. Fortunately, we are still lucky enough to be able to listen to her songs from digital records.

Cemberimde Gul Oya is an unforgettable song that just makes you go ‘wow!’. The lyrics are about an Anatolian girls’ commentary on her long-waited-lover. She wants to be taken by her love already, she just can’t wait any longer!..



“I don’t complain to anyone”

Muzeyyen Senar is known as the diva of Turkey. She was born in 1918, even before her country was born (1923). The founder of Turkey, Ataturk was a big fan of hers. She is too old and sick to perform nowadays, but her songs and unique voice never cease to amaze us and put almost every other musician in this country to shame. She truely is one of a kind! 

One of her most memorable songs Kimseye Etmem Sikayet (I don’t complain to anyone) is about love, regrets and patience. It would take you multiple listenings just to get used to her unparalled talent…


“Would Die For You”

Admittedly the most popular Turkish pop singer is Tarkan. He is the only Turkish musician that has managed to make a name for himself in the international arena. Since the 90s, he has become the Turkish George Michael (that still hasn’t come out).

Olurum Sana (Would Die For You) is from his third and most successful studio album ‘Simarik’. The music and video has a lot of American pop culture influence, but the song is still so good that we had to include it to this very short Top 5 list.


“Burn Everything”

Duman is band that’s been around since 1997. The band combines elements of traditional Turkish folk music with modern rock and grunge. Their cover of Sezen Aksu’s ‘Herseyi Yak‘ has been a bigger success than Sezen Aksu‘s original version, as it delivered the theme of the song better.

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    Hello, was listening to a song the other day for Yavuz Bingöl titled: Tanridan diledim; which I loved!! I was wondering if you could recommend some more songs similar in tone to that by Bingol. Thanks in advance :)

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