When you travel in hostels, you’re never really alone. And it is the people  that you meet while traveling that make travel so special. This is our list of the 5 Top Best Istanbul Hostels based on facilities, social environment, design and innovation.

A lot of people, once they start making money and all that jazz, put the part of their life that involved staying at cheap hostels behind them. I understand where they’re coming from – hostels don’t always provide for the most comfortable of living environments – but I think these people forget about the true beauty of hostels (especially Istanbul hostels): the sense of community that they foster.


Where everything started for me. The Zion for The Other Tour. This great hostel is owned and managed by an amazing family. You will be surronded by cool vibes and new friends that will be greeting you from all directions. In this hostel, if you don’t say hi to someone while passing by, or least not throw a little smile in there, it’s just weird!

This is a magical hostel rightly named ISTANBUL HOSTEL. Go there if you wanna have fun. But you gotta work for it a little too. These guys have been doing it for a long time and they are experienced, too. Certainly the king of the best Istanbul hostels.



First off, you can’t dispute that the name of this particular establishment is snazzy and fun to say. And if you’re staying there you will have more opportunities to say it. People also care about things like facilities, and we are happy to inform you that these particular facilities are as clean and comfortable as any one of the Istanbul Hostels. The real moneymaker, however, is the rooftop lounge area. Friendly, inviting – it is the ideal place to meet fellow travelers, enjoy some beers and fill your belly with home cooked food courtesy of the owner himself. Make sure you get to know him, he will go out his way and help you with anything. His name is Volkan, he is a great dude and he has created one of the best Istanbul hostels for sure!

Agora Hostel – Guesthouse


If location is your thing, then it’s hard to do much better than this boutique hostel. Situated in the heart of Sultanamet, you are within a stones throw of Istanbul’s main attractions: The Blue Mosque, Aya Sofia, Arasta Bazaar, etc. This special one of the many Istanbul Hostels, Agora, also has enough options to accommodate just about any type of traveler. Not every budget traveler is into sharing rooms with 8 other people, especially not in Istanbul hostels. Add private bathrooms, widescreen TV’s and DVD players to the private rooms and this becomes the totally antistereotypical hostel. For that reason, it also becomes totally cool. You can find comfort and great value in this brilliant hostel/guesthouse.



BUNK WITH STYLE (best of Istanbul Hostels)

Like Agora, #bunk flips the whole hostel norm on its head. Its upscale, almost futuristic design makes you feel more like an important ambassador than your average run-of-the-mill traveler. A gourmet café, a rooftop with a Jacuzzi and marble bathrooms give you an idea of how this hostel rolls. They have managed to create a fancy product that on paper would threaten the idea of backpackers hostels. In actuality it has improved upon it. It is currently considered to the NO.1 OF ALL THE BEST ISTANBUL HOSTELS.


World House Hostel


Just a few minutes walking distance from Istiklal street and right around the corner of Galata Tower, World House Istanbul Hostel is in the center of the New town AND one of the best Istanbul hostels. If partying is something that you consider of vital importance to your traveling style, this place puts you in party central Istanbul. The hostel itself, on the other hand, miraculously manages to stay quiet and clean as you live it up out there on the streets. And the staff is off the charts. They willingly take you to bars, restaurants and cafes you wouldn’t find otherwise and will even take you to historical sights for some perspective. No one dislikes World House, just go for it – you wouldn’t regret it!

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 2018 UPDATE for best Istanbul hostels: Here are a few new additions to our list.


Full of color, this boutique hostel is surrounded by many popular hotspots, like the hip residences, music workshops, fashion shops, and art galleries here in Galata.

As recently renovated 19th century building with 5 rooms uniquely designed by 5 different artists, Sumo Cat Hostel has a unique design to it.

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